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 New Character Form

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PostSubject: New Character Form   New Character Form Icon_minitimeFri Dec 13, 2013 8:26 pm

You start off with four slots. You can buy up to thirty-one more.

Currently, we are allowing Big Three Demigods. Also, the only mythologies your character can be involved with at the moment is Greek or Roman. Also, no descendants/legacies/satyrs/anything like that, yet. WE HAVE DECIDED THAT DEMI-TITANS/DEMI-PRIMORDIALS WOULD NOT BE VERY CANON AND WE ARE NOT ALLOWING THEM AGAIN, OR UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Some rules:

1) The History and RP Example must be 10 sentences.
2) As said, no Demi-Titans or Demi-Primordials. Big Three Demigods are currently allowed.
3) All demigod must be claimed and in camp by 13, unless you have my permission to have them older and unclaimed, etc. by me.
4) The pet must be realistic. No 50 foot tall cats, or dogs that can destroy planet Earth with a blink of the eye, etc.
5) Along with 4, no monsters as pets. Also, no demigods making friends with monsters without my permission.
6) Greek demigods' armor and weapons must be Celestial Bronze (CB), Romans must be Imperial Gold (IG), and Underworld kids are Stygian Iron (SI).
7) No legacies/descendants/huntresses/anything like that yet, just Greek and Roman demigods.
8.) Five flaws.

Date of Birth:
Body type:
Typical outfit:
Skin color:
Country of Origin:
Armor (optional):
Pet(s) (optional):
Mortal parent:
Godly parent:
Powers (optional):
Weapon(s) (optional):
Roleplaying example (only for first form):
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New Character Form
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