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 Mason's Characters

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PostSubject: Mason's Characters   Mason's Characters Icon_minitimeSat Dec 14, 2013 4:20 pm

Name: This particular person's name is Mason Damien Hewment (pronounced hugh-meant).

Age: Mason is twelve.

Date of Birth: He was born on April 29th, 2001. It was a warm, spring day where it was peaceful. Though, not for long. After Brooke Hewment had him, a raging Fury (Alecto) went to the builiding to kill the newborn son of Zeus. However, it was Hephaestus who came and saved Brooke and Mason, by pelting the Fury with flames.

Height: He is 5'1". This is equivalent to 61 inches, 1,549.4 millimeters, 154.94 centimeters, or 1.5494 meters.

Weight: Mason weighs eighty-three pounds. This is about 37.72 repeating kilograms.

Eyes: Mason's eyes are believed to change colors according to the season and his mood. Sometimes, he has light blue eyes, sometimes green, and sometimes gray. He wears glasses. His glasses are green and regular; they're not big and nerdy.

Hair: Mason has brownish-blondeish hair. He likes it to be spiked in the front and look nice, but sometimes he wears it untidy, under his armor or such like that.

Body type: Mason is very skinny, despite eating well. He is average-height for his age.

Typical outfit: Mason typically wears a Nike or Under Armour t-shirt. When at camp, he weill wear that or an orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt. He wears athletic pants or jeans.

Skin color: Mason is Caucasian, so he has white skin. His skin is very pale, and gets super-duper pale whenever he gets scared or nervous, which is often.

Country of Origin: Mason was born in the United States of America (New York City, New York to be exact).

Armor (optional): Mason wears Celestial Bronze armor which covers him pretty well in battle. It is a bit too big for him, but he still uses it. If a monster claws through it, it'll leave a dent easily. He got this armor from his mother, who said she was given it by Hephaestus.

Pet(s) (optional): Mason does not have a pet, but he's always wanted a dog, but his mother wasn't fond of them, so he never got one.

Personality: Mason is a nice and generous boy. He is a bit afraid to be aggressive against opponents (human ones) because he does not like hurting another person, from the inside. He feels very miserable if he makes a kid feel insecure or unsure. Mason would cry, literally, if he seriously made a person upset. He does not like giving things away, but he does it if an upset person wants it.

Mason worries a lot. He worries about small things, too. This is something that makes him very different from most kids his age. If he does something guilty, he might curl himself in a ball and cry - and for him, something guilty is forgetting to turn off the television before he leaves his house.

He gets nervous easily. This goes along with worrying. He will be nervous about a test which he already knows all of the answers too.

Mason gets annoyed easily and sometimes says things he does not mean.

Mason is very smart. He makes good grades in school and can outwit a lot of people. He could outwit kids older than him, kids younger than him, maybe even adults. He has very rarely even made below a B on a test before.

To sum it up, Mason is nice, generous, full of worries, nervous most of the time, and smart.

Mythology: Mason is Greek.

Mortal parent: Mason's mortal parent is Brooke Peter Hewment, who is forty.

Godly parent: Mason's god parent is Poseidon.

1) Mason's scared of spiders.
2) Mason's scared of heights.
3) Mason gets too nervous easily.
4) He worries too much.
5) He does not like the beach - he does not like sand.
6) Despite being a Poseidon kid, one of his old flaws was until eleven he was afraid of the water.
7) Mason gets annoyed easily and sometimes says things he does not mean.

Powers (optional): Mason can make a medium-ish earthquake - about a 4.0, but sometimes stronger. The biggest are he can do this to is a city, but once again, he can be stronger. Mason can breathe underwater. He also can control water at his command, and make some tsunamis and such. He can heal himself and others with water. Mason can control the weather of the general area he is - city, but once again, may be stronger. This power is a bit less stronger than the others, considering Zeus/Jupiter Optimus Maximus and the rare Zeus/Jupiter Optimus Maximus kids are a bit picky of a Poseidon kid taking over their territory (also Ouranos, if the rumors of him being still 'there' are true). Mason can talk to horses/everything related and turn into one/everything related. He can also talk to everything that lives/can live in water and turn into it. All of his limits depend on how tired he gets how fast/his energy. JUST FYI, THIS CHARACTER POWER SECTION WAS COPIED FROM MY CHARACTER ON ANOTHER SITE - WELL, UP TO THIS POINT. Mason can also create air bubbles (with water) around a certain amount of people/things/whatever, depending on his strength.

Weapon(s) (optional): Mason does not have a weapon yet, but he, on certain occasions, uses a Celestial Bronze dagger, because a sword or anything else is too hard for him to lift. He gets his dagger from the Weapon Shed.

History: Mason was born on the warm, spring day of April 29th, 2001. Minutes after he was born, while Brooke was cradling him in her arms, the alarm went off. The window had shattered, and Alecto the Fury had broken in. Brooke passed out, but protected Mason from scars and possibly death of the window shattering. Alecto was going to try to capture Mason, for he knew he was of god blood, but Hephaestus saved him. Hephaestus was there because he was the only one that knew that Mason would be important one day, being a son of Poseidon.

Brooke decided to keep him, because he was so little, from Camp Half-Blood, despite after the battle both Chiron and Hephaestus suggesting it to her. She obviously refused, and left. Brooke took care of Mason very well as a mother. Then, the day of doom happened.

Mason was twelve. Brooke was doing house chores, when Mason's best friend, Dane, came over in a rush and said he had to leave now. Mason was confused, and got his mother. She knew what this meant, and explained everything to Mason. She let Mason and Dane go after goodbyes. Dane got Mason halfway to camp, when three empousai attacked. Mason got injured, and fell into a nearby lake, but surprisingly could breathe and it healed his wounds.

With a little thought, he made a wave knock the empousai out. Dane said he had an idea that he was Triton's kid. They went the rest of the way to camp.

When they got there, a centaur named Chiron was waiting. He explained everything over again, in his office, over a cup of tea. Dane showed Mason his real goat legs, and told him he was his 'protector satyr.' Chiron told Mason most likely he'd be claimed by Triton later, after hearing what happened. When Mason went to the Unclaimed Cabin, right away, he was claimed by Poseidon.

Mason rushed to tell Chiron this. He was Poseidon's kid.

He enjoys camp.

Roleplaying example (only for first form): Mason was on his laptop one day, searching 'why am I crushing on this girl.' He made sure his mom was out of sight and could not see this. He heard her cleaning downstairs. He quickly started to type in more words, and pressed the nice, little "Search" button. Mason went to the first webpage he could find, and started reading.

Mason did not know how much time passed, but his trance was broken when his mother marched into his room.

"Whatcha doing?" she asked. He jumped a little. Mason quickly 'X''ed out of the webpage and looked at the time, 5:00 PM.


Brooke frowned. Mason counted to fifty when she said, "you've got a lot to explain."

He sighed. "I do."

Notes: Mason has green braces and green glasses. His glasses are because he can't see far away very well.
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PostSubject: Re: Mason's Characters   Mason's Characters Icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2015 5:17 pm

Name: Jason Sungo
Age: 17
Date of Birth: Jan. 20th, 1998
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 pounds (complete muscle)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark brown
Body type: Muscular, has abs and such, and often shows off
Typical outfit: Some expensive clothes
Skin color: Tan
Country of Origin: Greece
Armor (optional):
Pet(s) (optional):
Personality: Nice but cocky, caring, arrogant, loyal
Mythology: Greek
Mortal parent: Zac Sungo
Godly parent: Hecate
Flaws: Arrogant, scared of clowns, allergic to certain flowers
Powers (optional): Magic, can also transform himself into different shapes/forms, control the Mist, create pathways and roadways
Weapon(s) (optional): CB sword, and a spellbook of every spell ever which he uses
History: Jason lived in Greece until he was 2, then moved to America. His father became extremely wealthy, and they were considered aristrocrats. When he turned nine, a satyr came to get him. Zac revealed he knew everything about CHB, and Zac took them to camp. Jason has lived there for the past 9 years. He is very popular and likes it a lot.
Roleplaying example (only for first form):
Notes: i made this form because why not
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Mason's Characters
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