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 Rules and what the purpose of RL Banking Accounts are

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PostSubject: Rules and what the purpose of RL Banking Accounts are   Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:36 am

You may come across this topic and ask 'what is the purpose of this?'

What is the purpose of this topic?

Have you ever wanted something badly, and tried to save up enough coins, but then you spent it? This is what this is for. You can fill out an app to get a bank account, put in this forum. Every so often, you may donate coins to your account, or someone else does, whether it be because you made them something, or they're just being nice, etc. This way, someday you can come to your account, take the coins out (also using an app), and spend them on something you've been saving up for.


1) If we find out you're begging someone to donate you coins, you could get banned. Asking is OKay, but NOT BEGGING.
2) Only YOU may withdraw drachmas from your account. If someone else is, I'm going to need your permission by either telling me yourself or screenshotting yourself saying it's okay.
3) If you're going to withdraw from it every single day, what's the point of having one?
4) Do not whine to me if you withdraw all your coins and spend them. It's your account and your coins.
5) When we start doing games or trivia with a coin reward, and you win, we will ask you if you want the coins or you want them to be put in your account.
6) Each day, since you decided to put your money in an account, you get 1 coin added on.


Account app

Coins you want to start off with in your account?: 0 is fine, by the way
Any special name you want your account to be called?: Examples include 'Mason's Magnificent Account of Ponies' 'The Hideout' etc.
Are you able to take screenshotts?: If not, that is okay.

Deposit app

Name of account/link to account:
Amount in account:
Amount in account after deposit:

PM the apps to me.

*Credit to Harry Potter/J.K. Rowling, I got this idea from the vaults at Gringotts.
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Rules and what the purpose of RL Banking Accounts are
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