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 nerissaterzi's characters

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PostSubject: nerissaterzi's characters   nerissaterzi's characters Icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2015 2:41 pm

nerissaterzi's characters 285wrb
Name: Cersei Snow
Age: 17
Gender: female
Eyes: light blue
Hair: Pink dyed hair with aqua blue ends
Height: 5’5”
Body Type: Thin
Skin Color: almost Alabaster like
God Parent: Bast- Goddess of felines
Mortal Parent: Edward Snow
Country of Origin: Romania
Pets: White tiger female named Sansa
Talents: painting, singing, ballroom dance, speaks three languages; Romanian, English, and Latin
Weapon**: CB dual edged sword. The sword can have both blades out, neither, or only one, a button on its leather handle controls which blade is out.
Personality: Cersei is an open, kind and caring individual who loves to be with friends. She always makes time to be with those she loves and those she’s close with. Her father and stepmother always told her about the importance of being kind and she took that so far as to learn other languages to talk to others in their native tongues.
Flaws: Like most teens Cersei has her days where she just wants to be left alone to be with her Sansa and mind. In doing so she has recently started battling depression that results in self inflicted harm on her skin. She also wears contacts and glasses, preferring the later of the two when she’s alone or painting.
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional): Telepathic communication with all felines and the ability to see in the dark like a cat.
Life Before Camp*: Cersei grew up in a literal castle in Romania. Her father, Edward, treated her as if she was a princess and both warrior. He hired teachers to teach her languages from the time she could talk and hired a swords master to train her when she started showing signs of ADHD. Edward knew who her mother was and knew if he kept her in schooling for too long she would lash out and use the ADHD in a less productive way. When Cersei was thirteen her father bought her a rare white tiger cub who she named Sansa and loved dearly. While playing with her tiger in the gardens of the castle she began to notice a few other figures had stalked towards her and she both panicked and slowly reached for her sword her father bought her for training. When she was rushed she snapped out both ends and put her training to the test. She was slowly being defeated and knew it was to be her last battle when a goat legged man came running from the back door of the castle and helped her defeat the large hound creatures. Running inside to her Sansa and father Cersei began to hear her tiger’s voice in her mind and knew something was wrong. She told her father and he brought the goat legged man forward to introduce himself. His name was Felix and he was her guardian that Edward was contacted by when she was young. Felix explained that if she stayed in Romania for much longer many more monsters and other demons would arrive and at that point Cersei knew what she had to do. She packed everything Felix told her and put Sansa in her large crate for flying to New York in the Americas. She went with Felix from the airport to the new home she had in America, a place called Camp Half Blood for demigods like her. What Felix forgot to mention was how few Egyptian demigods that were there and how she would be looked at as an outsider, Cersei discovered that for herself.
RP Example*: Cersei walked through camp with Sansa padding alongside her as usual. The tiger never left her side and it made for great looks from the other demigods.They really don’t like having a tiger here do they? Sansa’s angelic voice said to Cersei, causing her to give a soft laugh. Sansa loved being the only big cat at camp and flaunted it wherever she went, no matter what day it was. Cersei walked into the Mess Hall and grabbed a plate of uncooked meat as well as another plate of seafood. Walking to her table she placed them both on the wooden surface and watched as Sansa jumped up onto the table to lay down and eat her meat as Cersei ate her plate of seafood. A few other campers walked past and picked up the pace when they saw the tiger devouring the raw flesh. Andy came into the hall with her pet Necro and sat across from Cersei. I see you can’t stop attracting attention, Sansa. The daughter of Hecate said scratching her behind the ears. I'm glad you made friends with her. She is kind. The tiger told her master.She likes you Andy. I’d say you made a good impression with the hunting trip you took her and Necro on. Cersei smiled as Andy let Necro jump onto the table with Sansa to share the plate of meat. The two girls talked and laughed when Sansa and Necro jumped onto the floor to stalk each other and play fight in the middle of the Mess Hall. When they began fighting, the Ares kids started cheering them on and placing bets on who would win. As always it was close but Sansa came out victorious, giving a loud roar before walking to the Ares table to pets and a few more scraps of meat.These children always make things fun. Sansa said before laying at the foot of the table Cersei and Andy sat at.
Any notes about your characters: nada
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PostSubject: Re: nerissaterzi's characters   nerissaterzi's characters Icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2015 5:07 pm

I'm not even going to lie, I barely read most of this, but idc anymore because this site is basically dead xD

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nerissaterzi's characters
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