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 Jenna Smith

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PostSubject: Jenna Smith   Jenna Smith Icon_minitimeSun Sep 27, 2015 10:34 pm

Name: Jenna Smith
Age: 16
Date of Birth: 1-12-2000
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 115lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown with dyed blonde streaks
Body type: Lean
Typical outfit: Casual Summer Clothes
Skin color: Olive
Country of Origin: USA
Armor (optional): None at the moment
Pet(s) (optional): small white kitten
Personality: Is pretty quiet and doesn’t talk just to talk. She tries to be friendly but only trusts her best friends. Tries not to ask anyone for anything and tries to be completely independent. Is pretty respectful of everyone’s beliefs and feelings but is not a push over. She also a bad temper, when someone makes her mad she can talk back and is quick thinking.
Mythology: Greek
Mortal parent: Natalie Smith
Godly parent: Hermes
Flaws: Usually judges quickly, isn’t great at combat with swords, thinks most people are dumb, has dyslexia and a bad temper
Powers (optional): none
Weapon(s) (optional): two small daggers
History: Jenna was born in Portland, Maine in a small house in the woods. She loved playing and running in the woods. When she was ten her mother packed up and they moved out to New York City. She went to a public school where she stayed pretty un-noticed. She missed her old home in Maine and the woods. Then one day she was riding the subway home from school and a very pretty girl started playing a lute. She was very interested and asked her where she learned. They started talking. They later became really good friends then one day, Jenna went with the girl to Long Island to hike. There the girl brought her to Camp Half Blood and told her she was actually there to recruit Jenna.
RP Example: She was putting something in a drawer and had tears in her eyes. There was a fine layer of dust on everything. She ran over to me and grabbed me in her arms, “Oh thank goodness, your safe.” “What happened?” I asked stunned. She didn’t appear hurt but she was near hysterics. “Nothing were okay but were moving now,” she said walking back over to the drawer. That night we packed up everything and moved to NY.
Notes: none
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Jenna Smith
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