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 Amy Pond's Characters

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Amy Pond
Amy Pond

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PostSubject: Amy Pond's Characters   Amy Pond's Characters Icon_minitimeSat Dec 14, 2013 6:11 pm


Lucille "Lucy" Angela Morrison.
Lucy is currently 13.
Date of Birth:
Lucy was born on December 1st, 2000.
Lucy is very short for her age, standing at exactly 5 feet.
Lucy weighs 92 pounds(US)
Lucy has very nice blue eyes, which are a bit larger and rounder than the norm.
Lucy has dark brown, curly hair that reaches about mid back. She likes it wild, although her curls a reasonably tame, and never straightens it. She does wish that she was ginger, though she would look terrible with red hair.
Body type:
Lucy is thin and slender, with a small build.
Typical outfit:
Lucy's sense of fashion is unlike the usual black of her siblings. Lucy dresses much like Amelia Pond from her favorite TV show, Doctor Who. She has a casual outfit that consists of a very nice pink plaid shirt and skinny jeans, with some lovely black heeled boots. Sometimes she wears a blue plaid, but the idea is pretty much the same. Lucy likes plaid. She also copies Amy's other styles, though she doesn't really wear them as much.
Skin color:
Lucy is nicely tanned.
Country of Origin:
Lucy hails from The USA, New York City to be exact.
Armor (optional):
Lucy can't stand armor, finding it too bulky and heavey. Her main style of fighting is to not be where her oponent's sword is.
Pet(s) (optional):
Lucy has a black cat named Susan.
Lucy is a full out geek, and she's proud of it. Unlike her often moody siblings, Lucy is a happy, optimistic girl. In fact, some people think that her optimism is quite annoying and will often avoid her. Lucy is persistent, which is a nice way of saying stubborn. She will get an idea and won't stop at anything to do it. She is slightly contary minded, and will put the "Rebel without a cause" cause mildly. She goes against the flow, and cares what otjer's think, as long as they think she is unlike them. Lucy is extremely logical, something that often insults other people. She often doesn't pick up on the subtle hints of others, which makes her quite a few enemies. She has a sharp tongue and is clever, but this acts against her when someone annoys her. She has a quick temper, but she finds it impossible to hold grudges.
Lucy is Greek.
Mortal parent:
Lucy's mother was name Charlotta Angela Morrison.
God parent:
Lucy's father is Hades.
1. Lucy has a short temper.
2. She stubborn. This can be good, but she often uses this vice for evil.
3. She often doesn't think before she speaks.
4. Lucy is judgemental, which isn't that bad since she rarely speaks her judgings.
5. She isn't the easiest to relate too. This may end badly, since it means that she loses friends and allies.
Powers (optional):
Lucy can summon undead skeleton soldiers, much like her Half brother Nico. She isn't very good at this as of now, since she gets creeped out by them, but she can summon a grand total of 3 at a time, 35 in a day. She doesn't often do this, because it is really exhausting.

Then we have her shadow travel. She is really good at this, since she practices often.lucy can go pretty far, though she hasn't actually tried to figure out her limits, and usually does better if she has a hell hound with her.

We now come to the summoning of the dead.Lucy in theory can do this, though she has never tried. She also has never bothered to find out if she can do Jazel's power, but she thinks that she probably can't.

Weapon(s) (optional):
Lucy uses a Stygian Iron Sword(3 feet long), but she also has a CB knife(5 inches) that she uses far more often.
Lucy was born on December 1st, at 1:34 pm. After her birth, Hades appeared to her mother, Charlotta, and explained all the demigodness and all the danger she'd be in. Charlotta, who was a silly, vain young woman, was more concerned on whether Hades would stay with her. That obviously didn't happen.

Lucy grew up in a nice home, with her bitter and strict.mother. Charlotta had decdied long ago that she wanted her daughter to be popular, and Lucy in tunr had decided to not be. She made friends with the kids in the grade below her, merely because they didn't have so much drama and it annoyed her mother. This proclaimed a small war between them.

Charlotta had signed up Lucy for the cheerleading squad, who wanted her for flyer. Lucy, however, hated practically everyone one it and managed to get herself kicked off by acheiving more that five suspensions. The two had a massive fight, and Lucy stormed off into the rain. Carly, the lead cheerleader, then attacked her, turning out to be a empousa. The only reason Lucy escaped unharmed was the satyr, a boy in her math class named Jackson, defeated the creature and took her to camp. At camp, Chiron IMed her mother, who told them everything that Hades had said. She consented to Lucy staying year round, and she has been there since.

Roleplaying example (only for first form):
Lucy dodged into the hallway just as Mrs. Angler walked by. This was the third time she had skipped math class, and the punishment was a suspension. Her fifth one, actually, and there was no two ways about. She'd be kicked off the cheee team.

Now was the time that the seventh grade had luch, which Lucy considered outstanding luck. The seventh grade mostly liked her, and better than that, wouldn't tell. She might actually be able to pull this off.

Into the cafeteria she went, scanning the room for teachers. Mr. Traleny was standing in the back, but her had awful eyesight and never could remember who she was. It helped that Lucy was short enough to be a sixth grader, let alone seventh.

She hurried over to a table where her constantly worried friend Mason was. She tried to avoid him when zipping around skipping class, but today it didn't matter. Her math class was over, anyway. She needed to get caught.
Hmmmm....I think I am good.
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PostSubject: Re: Amy Pond's Characters   Amy Pond's Characters Icon_minitimeSun Dec 15, 2013 1:54 pm

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Amy Pond's Characters
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